where we breed and sell saltwater fish and reptiles to Wholesale and Retail Customers.

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​​TNT Aquatics & Exotics breeds saltwater fish and reptiles for wholesale and retail clients. Located in Denver, CO, this boutique breeding facility focuses on health, unique patterns and genetic combinations. Free delivery is provided in the Denver Metro area and that means less stress and less loss which translates into more profit for you. 

The Available Inventory link above gives details on sizes, species and pricing. Check out our Fish or Reptiles links to see photos of our breeding parents and show fish. And get a photo tour of TNT Aquatics & Exotics on the Facility link.

Place your order online or give us a call or or shoot us an e-mail for the most current inventory and wholesale pricing.  We look forward to becoming your local source for high quality fish and reptiles.

Here is a partial list of fish and reptiles being produced at TNT Aquatics and Exotics: 
Saltwater Clownfish: Lightning Maroon, Morse Code Maroon, White Stripe Maroon, Yellow Stripe Maroon, Gold Nugget Maroon, Darwin, True Percula, Snowflake, Ocellaris. 

Freshwater Fish: White Pond Tilapia
Reptiles: Kim Howell (Yellow-headed) Dwarf Geckos

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